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Of or relating to a tradition of South Indian classical music featuring improvised elaborations on prescribed melodic and rhythmic formulas.

[From Carnatic, obsolete variant of Karnataka.]


(Placename) a region of S India, between the Eastern Ghats and the Coromandel Coast: originally the country of the Kanarese; historically important as a rich and powerful trading centre; now part of Tamil Nadu state
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Chance had strangely favoured Phileas Fogg, for had not the Carnatic been forced to lie over for repairing her boilers, she would have left on the 6th of November, and the passengers for Japan would have been obliged to await for a week the sailing of the next steamer.
The Carnatic was announced to leave Hong Kong at five the next morning.
The nine-day Carnatic classical music festival in Sharjah concluded on Thursday with musician Ragaratnam K.
Oscar-nominated Carnatic vocalist Bombay Jayashri will perform at Al Nujoom Ballroom, Shangri-La Hotel Dubai, on Friday, September 18.
Marie Morris, sales director for Elan Homes in the North, says: "We're down to single figures at five of our current outlets - there are two properties for sale at Carnatic Court in Liverpool.
The production tells the story of how Shiva is called upon to restore balance in the world and combines the Carnatic vocals of South Asia with contemporary electronic sound and includes performances by composer Shri Sriram, singer Suprivya Nagarajan and Ben Castle, saxophonist and clarinettist.
Bharatanatyam is traditionally set to Carnatic music which combines raaga(m) and thaala(m).
The Midival Punditz, present Light, an original album drawing upon the tremendous rich heritage of East Indian folk, including elements of Rajasthani, Punjabi, Carnatic, and Uttar Pradesh musical culture.
South Indian Carnatic vocalist Sanjay Subrahmanyan is set to perform in Bahrain on March 5.
com)-- PurpleStream announced today the successful completion of its massively multiple location MicroBroadcast[TM] of the Chennai Music Season which enabled live access to 434 events for thousands of Carnatic Music aficionados.
MULTAN -- Based on folklore, Carnatic play Mirza Sahiban, proved to be a sold out event staged by Pakistan National Council of Arts (PNCA) at Multan Arts Council here on Tuesday evening.
Menon is an Indian Carnatic vocalist and a music composer from Kerala.