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Of or relating to a tradition of South Indian classical music featuring improvised elaborations on prescribed melodic and rhythmic formulas.

[From Carnatic, obsolete variant of Karnataka.]


(Placename) a region of S India, between the Eastern Ghats and the Coromandel Coast: originally the country of the Kanarese; historically important as a rich and powerful trading centre; now part of Tamil Nadu state
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Chance had strangely favoured Phileas Fogg, for had not the Carnatic been forced to lie over for repairing her boilers, she would have left on the 6th of November, and the passengers for Japan would have been obliged to await for a week the sailing of the next steamer.
The Carnatic was announced to leave Hong Kong at five the next morning.
Saint Tyagaraja strode the field of Carnatic music as a colossus.
The musical event will give the music enthusiasts of the national capital a chance to witness a never seen before unique collaboration between Sufi and Carnatic music this month.
Summary: Releases Rs100 commemorative coin on the occasion of birth centenary of legendary Carnatic singer MS Subbulakshmi
New Delhi: Celebrating the legacy of Carnatic music icon M.
The inaugural day of the festival saw an extensive performance based on the life of Mahatma Gandhi, along with an enthralling performance of Carnatic music by renowned Indian musicians at the University of Brasilia (UnB).
The SN Om Trust is organizing a musical homage to the legend with a Carnatic music concert by Padma Bhushan awardee Sudha Raghunathan and her troupe at Hindu Temple of Greater Chicago on September 10.
Dale Hall was part of the Carnatic Student Village and provided temporary accommodation for students before closing in December, 2014.
Mumbai is going to witness a vibrant mix of Classical dances, and Jazz Carnatic music.
The nine-day Carnatic classical music festival in Sharjah concluded on Thursday with musician Ragaratnam K.