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Noun1.Carnegiea - caryophylloid dicot genus with only one species: saguaroCarnegiea - caryophylloid dicot genus with only one species: saguaro
caryophylloid dicot genus - genus of relatively early dicotyledonous plants including mostly flowers
Cactaceae, cactus family, family Cactaceae - constituting the order Opuntiales
Carnegiea gigantea, saguaro, sahuaro - extremely large treelike cactus of desert regions of southwestern United States having a thick columnar sparsely branched trunk bearing white flowers and edible red pulpy fruit
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Mobily and its managing director and Chief Executive Officer Khalid Al Kaf, became the first entity in the Arab world to be granted the prestigious Dale CarnegieA Leadership Award.
In that review, in which interesting trends between demography and life-form emerged, only one cactus, Carnegiea gigantea, was included.
And they named the great Saguaro Carnegiea gigantea--this is a stick-up.
Morphology, nurse plants, and minimum apical temperatures for young Carnegiea gigantea.
El coloso entre los cactos es el saguaro Carnegiea gigantea de Sonora, que llega a medir hasta 20 metros de altura y pesar 6 toneladas.
wislizeni Columnar cacti Carnegiea gigantea 3 1 3 Cephalocereus columnatrajani Escontria chiotilla Lophocereus schottii Neobuxbaumia macro- 1 3 cephala N.
pasacana se aproxima mas al de Carnegiea gigantea del desierto de Sonora, donde se registraron periodos de antesis de hasta 72 hs (McGregor et al.
pecten-aboriginum, Lamaireocereus thurberi, and the saguaro, Carnegiea gigantea); 3) shrubs with a treelike growth form known as palos (Cercidium floridum--the palo verde, C.
candelaris 1996; Mauseth & Plemons- Rodriguez, 1998 Calymmanthiwn substerile Mauseth & Plemons-Rodriguez, 1998 Carnegiea gigantea Gibson, 1973; Hemenway, 1934; Terrazas & Loza-Cornejo, 2002 Cephalocereus apicicephalium, Gibson, 1973; Gibson & Horak, C.
These include the saguaro Carnegiea gigantea, upper photo, which has large cylindrical rods running from bottom to top (see also photo 39).
For example, in Carnegiea gigantea it has long been reported that flowers are primarily produced on the east-southeast side of the top of the plant (MacDougall and Spaulding 1910, cited in Nobel 1981; Johnson 1924), i.