a.1.(Physiol. Chem.) Of or pertaining to flesh;
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1994): Reptile remains from the Middle-Upper Triassic of the Carnic and Julian Alps (Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Northeastern Italy).
In Volume 4, Keaton works to uncover the identity of a traitor who condemned thousands of his fellow Roma people to extermination in Nazi death camps; comes to the unlikely aid of a South African expatriate; mounts a last-ditch defense against an avalanche in Italy's Carnic Alps; becomes embroiled in a plot of murder and revenge between members of the I.
Sardinia was later assigned to the same HDS biofacies (Ferretti & Serpagli 1999), suggesting that this area and the Carnic Alps in Katian time occupied a lower latitude as the same biofacies had been reported in the British and Baltoscandic provinces (Sweet & Bergstrom 1984).
5 million and Nuevo Carnic, in third place shipped.
In particular, a study conducted in the Carnic Alps (De Franceschi 1992) reported that the percentage of alpenrose and blueberry in the diet of rock ptarmigan increase from September to December.
2013b--Syntaxonomy, life forms and life strategies of the bryophyte vegetation of the Carnic Alps (NE Italy)--Nova Hedwigia 96 (3-4): 325-349.
He quickly adapted tactical, communications, security, and logistical tactics and techniques to that portion of the Carnic Alps which was his unit's area of operation, with great success.
nubivaga is recorded from Italy by Pesarini (1995), di Franco (1997), and Trotta (2005) supposedly after the records published by Caporiacco (1926) who identified one female and one male (not described) from Carnic Alps (province of Udine, Forno Avoltri, ric.
1999): Drowning of algal mounds: records from the Upper Carboniferous Lower Pseudoschwagerina Limestone, Carnic Mps, Austria.
Revised conodont stratigraphy of the Cellon section (Silurian, Carnic Alps).
The president of the Federation of Livestock of Nicaragua (FAGANIC), Solon Guerrero, said the slaughterhouse will be the fifth building in Nicaragua authorized to export meat, and will join San Martin or Nandaime, MACESA or Central, Nuevo Carnic and Novaterra "We've had meetings with Taiwanese Canadian and United States businessmen, and we have secured these markets (for export).