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 (lĭ-nē′əs, -nā′-), Carl or Carolus Also called Carl von Linné. 1707-1778.
Swedish botanist and founder of the modern classification system for plants and animals, presented in his influential work Systema Naturae.


n, pl -luses or -li (-ˌlaɪ)
(Historical Terms) any of several coins struck in the reign of a king called Charles, esp an English gold coin from the reign of Charles I
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Noun1.carolus - king of the Franks and Holy Roman EmperorCarolus - king of the Franks and Holy Roman Emperor; conqueror of the Lombards and Saxons (742-814)
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The famous baritone, Carolus Fonta, had hardly finished Doctor Faust's first appeal to the powers of darkness, when M.
Archer remembered, on his last visit to Paris, seeing a portrait by the new painter, Carolus Duran, whose pictures were the sensation of the Salon, in which the lady wore one of these bold sheath-like robes with her chin nestling in fur.
Hamdi pourra, toutefois, se consoler par la disponibilite de son attaquant malgache, Carolus Andria, de retour de blessure.
Companies discussed in this report include AstraZeneca Plc, Carolus Therapeutics, Inc.
In a news release from the International Institute for Species Exploration at New York College of Environment Science and Forestry, the alphabetical list of nearly 18,000 new species was launched in 2008 and released every year on May 23, the birthday of Carolus Linnaeus.
In die moderne Afrikaans van die dagboek leer ons die trekkers ken soos in 'n drama: die opvlieende en gewelddadige Carolus, Tregardt se oudste seun; die treurbol van 'n "ou Botha" (weliswaar ongeveer 11 jaar jonger as Tregardt); die selfsugtige en taamlik onbetroubare korrelkop Jan Pretorius--wat ook sommer Izak Albach se rib afskop tydens 'n stryery (vergelyk die inskrywing op 12 Maart 1837-; die kranige maar kwaai "juffrou" Scheepers wat gereeld pakke slae uitdeel onder haar kinders; Pieta, Tregardt se tweede oudste seun; en die driftige jong Hendriena.
by Christopher Hall, Kirsi Juhila, Maureen Matarese, and Carolus van Nijnatten.
This chapter considers Alcuin's understanding of peace at great length before turning to representations of Carolus magnus et pacificus himself.
The English hop varieties that we use in our Gouden Carolus are cultivated right here.
It has been displayed alongside the Barber's own Manet masterpiece, Portrait of Carolus Duran of 1876, which itself has just returned to the city following an absence of more than eight months, when it enjoyed a starring role in landmark exhibitions at the Royal Academy and the National Gallery in London.
8220;The goal of these digital marketing programs is to increase sales both in retail locations and online,” said 90octane's Account Manager Kyndal Carolus.