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 (kə-rŭth′ərz), Wallace Hume 1896-1937.
American chemist who developed the synthetic material nylon, which was patented in 1937.
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Noun1.Carothers - United States chemist who developed nylon (1896-1937)
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The market has called for this project for a long time and USA FIBER is uniquely positioned to execute," says Judd Carothers, President of USA FIBER.
com)-- The Knowledge Group/The Knowledge Congress Live Webcast Series, the leading producer of regulatory focused webcasts, has announced today that Jo Dale Carothers, Shareholder, Weintraub Tobin will speak at the Knowledge Group's webcast entitled: "Emerging Issues: Reconsidering Intellectual Property in Cloud Computing in 2016.
The company is built on the foundation of executing the most challenging fiber routes, a track record pioneered by Co-Founder Judd Carothers, who serves as the President of USA FIBER.
Thomas Carothers and Diane de Gramont have done contemporary participants in these debates a great service by writing a thorough and analytically insightful book on the history and evolution of thinking about development aid and politics.
Presenters include co-editors Danielle Resnick and Nicolas van de Walle, and the event will be moderated by CEIP Fellow, Thomas Carothers.
Cross is survived by two daughters, Nancy (Cross) Carothers of Kennmore, Wash.
For example, it is not at all unusual for men to be empathic and women to be good at math - characteristics that some research has associated with the other sex, said lead author Bobbi Carothers, who completed the study as part of her doctoral dissertation at Rochester.
Wallace Carothers invented a strong, light synthetic fibre.
The 60 graduates include Erik Anderson, Michelle Barclay, Isaac Bauman, Jonathan Bellant, Lee Bertrand, Nathaniel Bigot, Ashley Bohannan, Hannah Boyd-Callaway, Hannah Broughton, Andrew Capps, Mack Carothers, Zach Carter, Tyler Caswell, Prescott Cherry-Thompson, Patrick Church, Casey Cramer, Adreanna DuBray, Bethany Fandino, Jessika Galinski, John George, Nick Gerber, Sara Gleeson, Jacob Graham, Mariah Gray-Caraveo, Samuel Hall,
Wallace Carothers invented a strong, light started in 1903, was England's first garden city?
District 7 Commander Anthony Carothers said the initiative is just one of a number of factors helping to reduce crime in his district.
Smart Financial Credit Union, Houston, announced the appointment of Janice Carothers to the newly created position of vice president of quality assurance.