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 (kə-rär′ə, kär-rä′rä)
A city of northern Italy near the Ligurian Sea east-southeast of Genoa. It is famous for the white marble quarried nearby that was favored by Michelangelo.


(kəˈrɑːrə; Italian karˈraːra)
(Placename) a town in NW Italy, in NW Tuscany: famous for its marble. Pop: 65 034 (2001)


(kəˈrɑr ə)

a city in NW Tuscany, in NW Italy. 68,460.
Car•ra′ran, n., adj.
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The snows of a New England winter had often supplied him with a species of marble as dazzingly white, at least, as the Parian or the Carrara, and if less durable, yet sufficiently so to correspond with any claims to permanent existence possessed by the boy's frozen statues.
The hills stood out above its radiance, as Fiesole stands above the Tuscan Plain, and the South Downs, if one chose, were the mountains of Carrara.
and perhaps Birmingham); model gondolas from Venice; model villages from Switzerland; morsels of tesselated pavement from Herculaneum and Pompeii, like petrified minced veal; ashes out of tombs, and lava out of Vesuvius; Spanish fans, Spezzian straw hats, Moorish slippers, Tuscan hairpins, Carrara sculpture, Trastaverini scarves, Genoese velvets and filigree, Neapolitan coral, Roman cameos, Geneva jewellery, Arab lanterns, rosaries blest all round by the Pope himself, and an infinite variety of lumber.
Jose Eduardo Carrara, 54, performed for staff at a police station in Sao Paulo after turning up to report that he had been robbed of a Rolex, gold chain and thousands of pounds.
com)-- PetraSlate Tile & Stone, a Denver-based wholesale distributor providing real stone materials for flooring, walls and roofing through contractors, interior designers, and retail outlets across the US, announced the inclusion of authentic Carrara white marble products to their already large selection of marble, slate and limestone tile inventory.
A unit of Saudi Binladin Group (SBG) plans to buy a 50 per cent stake in an Italian company authorised to extract one third of the marble from the hills above the Tuscan town of Carrara in a deal worth about $60 million, reports said.
2003: Ryan Carrara, Clinton, 25:27; Christy Carrara, Clinton, 30:36
Our site was developed by industry professionals for industry professionals," said Gregg Carrara co-owner of oilfieldexplorer.
Carrara operations include three facilities located in the UAE
Dubai Depa, one of the world's leading interior contracting companies, yesterday said it has wholly acquired Carrara Mid East Industrial, one of the region's first and the market's leading producer and installer of high quality stone.
Petrarch's influence on the iconography of the Carrara Palace in Padua; the conflict between ancestral and antique themes in the fourteenth century.