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also car·rell  (kăr′əl)
A partially partitioned nook in or near the stacks in a library, used for private study.

[Middle English carole, round dance ring, circle, stall for study; see carol.]


(ˈkærəl) or


(Library Science & Bibliography) a small individual study room or private desk, often in a library, where a student or researcher can work undisturbed
[C16: a variant of carol]


(kəˈrɛl; ˈkærəl; French karɛl)
(Biography) Alexis (əˈlɛksɪs; French alɛksi). 1873–1944, French surgeon and biologist, active in the US (1905–39): developed a method of suturing blood vessels, making the transplantation of arteries and organs possible: Nobel prize for physiology or medicine 1912


or car•rell

(ˈkær əl)

a cubicle or desk partitioned off for private study in a library.
[1585–95; variant of Middle English carole carol]


(kəˈrɛl, ˈkær əl)

Alexis, 1873–1944, French biologist, in U.S. 1905–39: Nobel prize 1912.
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Noun1.carrel - French surgeon and biologist who developed a way to suture and graft blood vessels (1873-1944)Carrel - French surgeon and biologist who developed a way to suture and graft blood vessels (1873-1944)
2.carrel - small individual study area in a library
alcove, bay - a small recess opening off a larger room
depository library, library - a depository built to contain books and other materials for reading and study


carrell [ˈkærəl] N (in library) (= desk) → mesa f de estudio; (= room) → sala f de estudio


n (in library etc) → Arbeitsnische f, → Arbeitsplatz m
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