Carry Nation

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Noun1.Carry Nation - United States prohibitionist who raided saloons and destroyed bottles of liquor with a hatchet (1846-1911)
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Marshall, arrested Carry Nation when she and her followers came to Wichita and tore up a saloon there.
Carry Nation, Sacajawea, Calamity Jane, and many more historical figures are presented, with black and white photos and illustrations.
His fear was that the Midwest represented people such as Carry Nation, whose axe crushed not just alcohol, but spontaneity and understanding.
In 1998, the City of Wichita acquired a block of blighted downtown property that included the historic Eaton Hotel, where militant prohibitionist Carry Nation waged one of her infamous raids on the hotel bar in 1900.
Following introductory essays on civil disobedience in American history, the volume focuses on two "defining moments," the civil disobedience of Sam Adams and the Sons of Liberty in pursuit of American independence and the use of violence by Carry Nation and the temperance movement.
As they enter freshman year at Carry Nation High School, the girls ruffle the feathers of classmates.
The 101-minute film charts the teenage years of best friends Cloe (Skyler Shaye), Jade (Janel Parrish), Sasha (Logan Browning) and Yasmin (Nathalia Ramos) as they enter Carry Nation High School.