Carry arms

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(Mil. Drill) a command of the Manual of Arms directing the soldier to hold his piece in the right hand, the barrel resting against the hollow of the shoulder in a nearly perpendicular position. In this position the soldier is said to stand, and the musket to be held, at carry.

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References in classic literature ?
For it was not lawful before for the high priest either to carry arms or to ride upon any but a mare.
Sing you, if you desire to hear one,' replied the other, shaking him roughly off; 'and don't touch me if you're a prudent man; I carry arms which go off easily--they have done so, before now--and make it dangerous for strangers who don't know the trick of them, to lay hands upon me.
But people of our condition are not allowed to carry arms.
I understood very well why, when he told me that he had joined in the Clyde a small steamer chartered by a relative of his, "a very wealthy man," he observed (probably Lord X, I thought), to carry arms and other supplies to the Carlist army.
If I have turned to serve an earthly master, and to carry arms for an earthly king, it would be an ill thing if I were to lose all thought of the great high King and Master of all, whose humble and unworthy servant I was ere ever I left Beaulieu.
They also called for allowing Turkmen youth to carry arms and stand by the security services to defend their areas More than 45 headquarters and branches for Turkmen Front in Kirkuk have been attacked by rockets, machine guns and grenades since the enforcement of the law operations.
Like many teachers, I was assaulted on several occasions in class, verbally abused on numerous occasions and generally bullied and so asking teachers to carry arms in class carries an inherent risk.
Former Prime Minister (PM) Barrister Sultan Mahmood during an election campaign openly provoked people to carry arms and open fire if situation went worse.
NNA - Head of Kataeb Party, MP Sami Gemayel, criticized decision by Central Security Council to forbid certain Lebanese from defending themselves, while allowing Hezbollah to carry arms for that very same reason.
The IGP Sindh further directed District SSPs to start a crackdown against all such elements who carry arms in plain clothes ensuring ban on display of arms and plying of vehicles with fake or fancy number plates.
Summary: Alleged militants accused of participating in clashes in north Lebanon's Tripoli denied the charges in court Monday, with one saying that he was forced to carry arms to defend the Lebanese Army.
According to recently released testimony, Prosecutors Euzcan E[currency]iE-man and Aziz Takcy testified during their trial in May that what they did was completely in accordance with the law, as MyT has no mandate to carry arms.