Carte de visite

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Carte´ de vi`site`

1.A visiting card.
2.A photographic picture of the size formerly in use for a visiting card.
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LAHORE: Shown here is a half-length seated carte de visite portrait, a detail of a larger photograph of Sir Sadiq Muhammad Khan, Nawab of Bahawalpur by Bourne and Shepherd, c.
O retrato permitiu a expansao inicial da fotografia e, depois da difusao dos processos populares sobre papel, como a carte de visite e a carte cabinet, possibilitou a consolidacao definitiva da fotografia como atividade profissional (Vasquez, 2002, p.
Ameliana : Idealement placee de par les conditions de la course du jour, elle ne devrait pas laisser passer une telle opportunite pour soigner sa carte de visite.
La mere du defunt a de son cote indique a l'observatoire qu'elle avait perdu sa carte de visite depuis le 28 Juillet dernier.
She also earned a living partly by selling photographic carte de visite portraits of herself, at lectures and by mail.
These portraits often feature a fashionably dressed beautiful young woman whose pose is related to either fashion plates or carte de visite photography; the mass and/or cheap production of both made it possible for the Impressionists to incorporate this popular imagery into their paintings.
The images are studio portraits of First Nations and Metis individuals and were the only remaining photographs that were once housed in a carte de visite album.
Este es el caso del trabajo que nos ocupa, dedicado a uno de los artefactos mas curiosos y atractivos: la carte de visite.
It must have been a nice carte de visite to circulate among the local belles.
An adjacent box frame featured a Hong Kong carte de visite taken in 1870 (depicting a fleet of ships in Hong Kong's harbor), with the stamp PUN LUN visable on the back.
In the carte de visite we see photography's triumphant commercialisation or commodification of identity; and from here, it is a small step to its role in legal identification and the study of facial and racial features as evidence of the link between appearance and criminality.