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A material consisting of linen or papyrus strips covered with wet plaster, used in ancient Egypt especially for molding mummy cases and funeral masks.

[French : carton, cardboard, carton; see carton + -age, -age (from Old French; see -age).]
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Additional glitter, sequins, and jewels were glued on the muslin - wrapped cartonnage for adornment.
A Silicon Graphics Prism visualization system powered by 24 Itanium 2 processors and 30GB of main memory allowed attendees to interactively study the mummy's remains, the linen bandages surrounding her body, and the gilded chest plate and face mask that remain of the mummy's plaster cartonnage or casing.
They carefully glued the papier-mache face onto a piece of poster board, cut to resemble the outside shape of an Egyptian cartonnage.
The second, more elaborate model combined data from the CT scans as well as high-resolution digital photographs to incorporate the external appearance of the cartonnage, in full color, along with the mummy's bone structure yielding a striking view of the mummy's skull within the layers of wrappings.
An appropriate sarcophagus or cartonnage covering should be made for the mummy with hieroglyphics about the dead and symbols of appropriate gods such as Osiris and Anubis.
Mummification features two of the exhibition's most spectacular pieces: a child mummy from the Greco Roman period with a lifelike portrait, and a gilded cartonnage mummy mask dating from the Greco-Roman Period (late 1st century BC-early 1st century AD).
The experience delves into incredible details such as where incisions were made to remove organs, and makes visible amulets of carved stone ceramic and wax found on his body -- all without needing to physically remove a single piece of the cartonnage case.
Using an SGI(R) Reality Center(TM) facility to convert computed axial tomography (CAT) scan data into a remarkably lifelike 3D image, researchers have been able for the first time to determine what lies hidden beneath the casing, or cartonnage, of a 3,000-year-old mummy, Nesperennub, housed at the museum since 1899.
The FCP Group is a network of nine European production facilities, which are known as FCP Europa Carton, FCP Cajofe, FCP Les Cartonnages de France, FCP Saint-Germain Cartonnage and FCP Robinson.
Another antiquity, a 19 cm piece of cartonnage -- a material used in funerary masks -- inscribed with three lines of hieroglyphics, was recovered through the Egyptian Embassy in Paris.
Since papyri from mummy cartonnage are a Ptolemaic phenomenon and government archives were the principal sources of such papyrus, contracts are relatively underrepresented.
Bits of coffins made from wood and a plastered material known as cartonnage indicate that tomb KV 40 was used again as a burial ground in the ninth century B.