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n.1.(Med.) Coma with complete insensibility; deep lethargy.
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Procurement of a digital operating room for minimally invasive surgery (video management system mic-op / integrated or system - consisting of software and hardware components) for use in the building 32 of the university hospital carl gustav carus dresden
The former zinc smelting grounds east of Sterling and Zinc streets, and the next-door grounds at Carus Chemical Co.
Carus, who is 8-3-2 with two stoppages as a pro, had been set to make his return on June 24 at the Wythenshawe Forum as part of the undercard to Jimmy Kelly Jr's vacant IBF European superwelterweight title showdown against an opponent to be named.
Seth Cams, National Defense University, Bldg 62, 300 5th Ave SW, Washington, DC 20319, USA; email: carus.
ROBERT BOOTH landed his first major title when he won the PGA North Region Championship at Carus Green.
III/2 [Stuttgart: Carus, 2014]; the catalog of his instrumental works is forthcoming).
JOSH Leather has been sparring his last opponent Tommy Carus in preparation for his sixth professional contest in London on Monday night.
One such seminar was held this past weekend with guest David Carus, who delivered a seminar called “You Can Be an Artist.
Graham Curtin's hands-on approach has seen Carus Green, near Kendal, evolve from a pretty parkland course into one of the most popular venues in the county, almost unrecognisable from when it opened as a pay-and-play resort in 1996, which boasts more than 600 members.
Santa Maria Police Chief Lylian Carus revealed the suicide attempt happened while he was captive and under police guard at a hospital, where he is being treated for smoke inhalation, CNN reports.
Elissandro Sphor tried to kill himself with a plastic shower hose, said senior police official Lilian Carus in the town of Cruz Alta 125 kilometers (about 80 miles) from Santa Maria, where the club owner is hospitalized.