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a.1.(Gram.) Of or pertaining to case; as, a casal ending.
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I was then something of a soldier, and I threw myself at Casal into the arquebuscades, to show that I rode on horseback as well as an officer.
Amryt Pharma, a company focused on treatments for rare and orphan diseases, has named Jordi Casals as its new head of Europe, it was reported on Friday.
Father Casal spoke with a heavy Spanish accent that went well with his mestizo good looks.
Casal has worked with many renowned and important artists and she is constantly experimenting with new genres.
Mi interes se enfoca en la principal institucion cultural y recreativa: el Casal de Catalunya, y en las revistas Ressorgiment y Catalunya, por ser estas ultimas las que contaban con mayor prestigio y circulacion entre los medios graficos a traves de los cuales se expresaba la comunidad.
Through various educational, training and employment programs, as well as providing a space for general support, the Casal dels Infants works to ensure that every family has access to equal opportunities, regardless of their background.
The extent of the problem Portugal faced a generation ago is brought home by former Casal Ventoso drug addict Diogo Pereira, 50.
He needs to choose well," Casal said via the (http://www.
And Casal, who mentored and coached a teenage Murray during his years at the Sanchez-Casal academy in Barcelona, feels the Scot has to start working smarter in 2015.
However, Casal, who mentored a 15-year-old Murray at the famed Sanchez-Casal academy in Barcelona, feels the partnership with Mauresmo, much like the previous one with Ivan Lendl, will be a fruitful one.
Cacho Casal incide especialmente en la oportunidad que brindan esos poemas de penetrar en la conciencia artistica del poeta madrileno.