Casco Bay

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Cas·co Bay

An inlet of the Atlantic Ocean in southwest Maine. The bay, with its hilly islands, is a popular vacation area.

Cas′co Bay′

(ˈkæs koʊ)
a bay in SW Maine.
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This meeting will commence outside the Casco Bay Lines terminal in Portland, Maine.
Butler was found guilty of the same offence when Casco Bay was thrown out after winning a Kilbeggan maiden hurdle in June 2009.
12 - Casco Bay and Baily Island Cruise with lunch at Cooks Lobster House.
3:00 PM, Casco Bay Concert Band, Portland, ME, Peter Martin, conductor
Its specialty, brown horsetail kelp from the Casco Bay, turns bright green when cooked.
com Casco Bay Cyclo-Cross Race, Eastern Promenade, Portland, Maine.
Maine Independence Station is owned by Casco Bay Energy Co.
Every Calendar Islands entree begins with handpicked meat from lobsters sustainably harvested from Casco Bay in the Gulf of Maine.
Set of 6 Odor Removing Coffee Soaps; Casco Bay Herb Co.
According to John Jordan, a Casco Bay lobsterman and President of Calendar Islands Maine Lobster, "We certainly knew a lot about lobstering, but we didn't really know a lot about specialty food.
This `kinder, gentler century' is sponsored by the Casco Bay Bicycle Club and runs through the hills of western Maine up to the edge of the White Mountains.