Case lawyer

one versed in the reports of cases rather than in the science of the law.

See also: Case

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He said Assange had made attempts to co-operate with the investigation in Sweden but had been refused, and that e-mails uncovered by a freedom of information request showed the Swedish prosecutor had been advised by a case lawyer at the CPS that Assange should be interviewed in Sweden.
In the second case lawyer, the same lawyer defended his client KH.
During the course of hearing of the case lawyer Zeeshan Cheema filed bail plea.
They were Russians with tax problems, and the question didn't belong in front of an international court," White & Case lawyer Carolyn Lamm, acting for Russia, said in a media call.
Now the same has happened to Michaela who has a career of her own mapped out as a criminal case lawyer.
Omrania Misdemeanour Court handed down a three-year imprisonment to Mecca Al-Mukarama Orphanage manager, Osama Mohamed Uthman on charges of child abuse, said case lawyer Yehia Abou Seif.
DEFENCE CASE Lawyer Joel Joffe at time of Rivonia treason trial in 1964 SUPPORT Winnie Mandela and sister Nonyaniso with Joffe outside court
Philip Blakebrough, assistant director at the Serious Fraud Office and the senior case lawyer, said: 'This was a callous and ruthlessly executed fraud designed from the start to steal the Cheney pension fund by setting up a system of puppet trustees who, instead of protecting the fund, helped to plunder it.
Family case lawyer Kirstie Law said: "This sends a message that there is a duty to provide disclosure.
Closing the prosecution case lawyer Marjorie Farrelly asked the jury to "follow the money".