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Nissan will perform V2X use case selection and develop test scenarios with key performance indicators (KPIs) for C-V2X technology validation.
However, a proper case selection and a detailed screening of patients for any additional diseases are essential for achieving a good result," added Dr Jose.
There are two ways to look at case selection when reloading for M1A rifles.
Qualitative research has witnessed significant advances in its methodological sophistication, especially in terms of case selection and in the assessment of descriptive and causal inferences.
Read the policy paper from the ICC Office of the Prosecutor on case selection and priortizaton.
This includes: prospective priority setting, case selection, merger simulation, remedial impact assessment, penalty calculation, etc.
Table 1: Age Group Age (In Years) Number of Patients 16-20 5 21-30 12 31-40 17 >40 6 Table 2: Case Selection Central Perforation 36 Post-Myringoplasty (Residual & Recurrent) 4 Table 3: Site of Perforation Perforation Site Number of Patients AI 21 AS 5 PI 12 PS 2 Table 4: Hearing Loss MINIMAL 5 MILD 35 Fig.
Nevertheless, Kage's case selection in Chapter 7 is less convincing than that in Chapter 6.
Though osteosarcoma with a pathologic fracture is not a contraindication for limb salvage, appropriate case selection is important when deciding local control options to ensure adequate oncologic clearance.
2) Some of the differences between the 3 groups in this publication reflect increasing experience with the technology, but more importantly better case selection.
This should allow for proper case selection and use to avoid any problems that may arise and the incorporation of the protocol into the farm health plan where it is required.