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also ca·serne  (kə-zûrn′)
A military barracks or garrison.

[French caserne, from Old French, small room for the night watch, from Old Provençal cazerna, group of four men, from Latin quaterna, four together, from Latin quaternī, by four; see quaternion.]


(kəˈzɜːn) or


(Military) (formerly) a billet or accommodation for soldiers in a town
[C17: from French caserne, from Old Provençal cazerna group of four men, ultimately from Latin quattuor four]


or ca•serne


a lodging for soldiers in a garrison town.
[1690–1700; < French caserne]
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Noun1.casern - military barracks in a garrison town
barrack - a building or group of buildings used to house military personnel
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We are looking forward to the day where illegal arms will be in the hands of the state, and where the army will return to its caserns to assume its duty of protecting the country's borders," he added.
Their calls for Kiir's resignation built tensions that escalated into a full-scale war when presidential guards of the deputy SPLM chairman and Vice President Riek Machar clashed with their colleagues who backed President Kiir in the army caserns outside Juba.
1) about the ethos of the public service are often serving in caserns, police station, or barracks.
It means that a player will have many hours of building windmills, caserns, foundries and other facilities, serving to warriors, all sorts of craftsmen, and even Gods.
An agreement could be reached over a new transitional phase, in which all the authorities are distributed between the powers to reassure the people about Egypt's future, instead of the mobilization seen on the squares and the barricading seen in caserns and institutions which originally belong to the civilians