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A book in which a record of cash receipts and expenditures is kept.



a book in which to record money received and paid out.


[ˈkæʃbʊk] Nlibro m de caja


[ˈkæʃbʊk] nlivre m de caissecash box ncaisse fcash card ncarte f de retraitcash cow n (= product) → vache f à lait (= investment) → mine f d'orcash crop nculture f de rapportcash desk n [shop] → caisse fcash discount nescompte m de caisse (pour paiement au comptant), remise f au comptantcash dispenser ndistributeur m de billets (de banque), distributeur m automatique de billets
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The college is looking for the following modules: sales ledger, purchase ledger, nominal ledger, procurement with online approval functionality, invoice authorisation and approval, budgeting and forecasting, banking, cash book, period-end and year-end, fixed asset register, vat reconciliation, on-line payments and management information.
Further, the ministry does not maintain a cash book, bank reconciliations and related payment records in support of cash transfers and withdrawals from the account contrary to regulations,' the Auditor-General stated.
30 billions embezzlement in Evacuee Trust Property and department did not give cash book to audit officials.
Using simple case studies, the author shows how to: construct a budget and cash-flow forecast; record and control cash payments; draw up an analyzed cash book, and a receipts and payments account; operate a bank account; and prepare a budget and actual statement.
It happens that when I opened my first cheque book account in the 1960s I started to keep a cash book so that I could keep tabs on what was coming in and going out each month.
A cheque for $1,600 received from a customer to whom goods are regularly supplied on credit was correctly entered into the cash book, but posted to the debit side of the sales account.
During its long history, the orchestra had collected a lot of memorabilia, so the display included old concert programmes, photos, conductor's batons, a US flag donated by the Pittsburgh Orchestra and an original cash book with its beautiful copperplate handwriting.
It will be released on June 28th and to celebrate the release of this incredible book they are announcing the: Cornucopia of Cash Book Release Party & Networking Event Thursday June 28th 5pm to 9pm @ The Carroll County Public Library 705 Ridge Avenue Mount Airy Maryland 21771.
It commences with a bilaterally arranged cash book, headed "Cash Debtor" and "Cash Creditor" [Monteage, 1683, pp.
001, MHA; Trinity Enterprise, 10 July 1909; RB Store Cash Book 1912-14, THSA.
Payments were made periodically between 1639 and 1654 (when the the Armfield family completed their debt); cash book no, 143, fol.
Other records to be maintained include cash book and/or bank book or daily record of receipts, sales, payments, purchases and expenses; a single entry in respect of daily receipts, sales, purchases and different heads of expenses will suffice; stock