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A book in which a record of cash receipts and expenditures is kept.



a book in which to record money received and paid out.


[ˈkæʃbʊk] Nlibro m de caja


[ˈkæʃbʊk] nlivre m de caissecash box ncaisse fcash card ncarte f de retraitcash cow n (= product) → vache f à lait (= investment) → mine f d'orcash crop nculture f de rapportcash desk n [shop] → caisse fcash discount nescompte m de caisse (pour paiement au comptant), remise f au comptantcash dispenser ndistributeur m de billets (de banque), distributeur m automatique de billets
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I can recall going to his office straight from school on many occasions and waiting for him to 'cash up' before several members of staff loaded huge wheeled baskets with large cash books and steel boxes of what I can only guess were the day's takings.
Treasury and accounting includes overseeing the bank account, running the cash books and preparation of the draft report and accounts (including preparation of the financial statements) and settlement of benefits, invoices and levies following authorisation, Pensioner Payroll, Confidential exchange of member data between the Hyde, the Trustees and the administrator, Interfacing with Aon~s Simplicity (automatic enrolment) system, Online access for members, Trustees and Employer, Interfacing with Midland~s iTrent HR and Payroll system, Dealing with regulatory authorities e.
It is a habit that I have continued ever since, and I have, in my filing cabinet, cash books going back to the 1970s.
If you are self-employed, you will need your accounts for the year, including purchase and sale ledgers and petty cash books, as well as invoices and details of any expenses and receipts.
Ten boxes of documents, including bank statements, invoices, cheque books and cash books, are seized.
Divorcee Seal began claiming his dad's weekly pension in 1970 using the o l d -style cash books.
The cash books give an interesting picture of how the Waterlander church reached out to a great variety of needy English people.
Quick-Books company preferences can be set up for either accrual or cash books, and many QuickBooks reports can be formatted under either method.
They spent Rs 80 lakh on 110 first aid boxes, Rs 49 lakh on notice boards, Rs 24 lakh on cash books, Rs 24 lakh on shelves and Rs 10 lakh to buy 1,000 complaint boxes.
Many VECs have not properly maintained their cash books and meeting registers owing to lack of adequate knowledge on accounts keeping.
They also agreed they had failed to provide a certificate proving that they had Professional Indemnity Insurance, and that they had not maintained properly written-up ledgers and cash books.
Making entries into enormous ledgers and cash books.