Cash sales

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sales made for ready, money, in distinction from those on which credit is given; stocks sold, to be delivered on the day of transaction.

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Freddie Mac today released its monthly Outlook for August, which takes a look at how the limited supply of houses has created a highly competitive housing market, which in turn is helping to keep the share of cash sales significantly above its historical norm and dampening mortgage originations.
s (BKFS') Data & Analytics Division reported that based on data as of the end of April, cash sales made up 62 percent of purchases in the lowest 20 percent price bracket.
With one full month remaining in the fiscal year, the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery recently surpassed its previous cash sales record for annual draw game sales.
Institutional Investor & Cash Sales Report This share is down from a three-year high of 42.
Warren said cash sales - in which there is no mortgage - have increased statewide.
Station sells 90,000 gallons/month, ATM and inside sales of $30,000 with strong margins and a high percentage of cash sales.
The bulletin pointed out that "the Bank's cash sales had reached 19 millions and 750,000 US dollars, on an exchange rate of 1,179 dinars per dollar, including the Bank's interest rate of 13 dinars per dollar, whilst the foreign transfers have reached 182 millions and 310,000 US dollars; none of the banks that attended the sessions, including the 19 banks that attended today's session have offered a single dollar for sale.
THE Country Land and Business Association has launched a campaign to ban cash sales in scrap metal dealing, to try to stop the rise in opportunist theft from rural businesses and communities.
The US Senate approved a provision to facilitate cash sales of US farm goods to Cuba, overturning restrictions by former President George W.
Cash sales to financial institutions in the first half of 2004 stood at pounds 23.
Saying the tip rate on cash sales is generally lower, the court reasoned
Meat packers had lowered bids, and cash sales in the wholesale market were far from brisk.