Cashmere goat

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Cash·mere goat

also Kash·mir goat  (kăzh′mîr′, kăsh′-, kăzh-mîr′, kăsh-)
A goat that is raised for its undercoat of fine, downy wool, especially one native to the Himalayan regions of India and Tibet.


(or Cash′mere) goat′

any of a long-haired breed of goat raised in Tibet, India, Afghanistan, and Turkey for its meat, milk, and cashmere wool.
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Noun1.Cashmere goat - Himalayan goat having a silky undercoat highly prized as cashmere woolCashmere goat - Himalayan goat having a silky undercoat highly prized as cashmere wool
Capra hircus, domestic goat - any of various breeds of goat raised for milk or meat or wool
References in classic literature ?
After about ten minutes he got up, and throwing on an elaborate dressing-gown of silk-embroidered cashmere wool, passed into the onyx-paved bathroom.
Meanwhile, Anuradha Pegu presented elegant cream coloured saris and metallic blouses made from Assam muga and eri silk, and Suket Dhir showcased sportychic looks with his trademark ombre and bomber jackets through ikat and kasuti embroidery on digi- printed and handmade cashmere wool.
A shawl, also made of fine cashmere wool, forms another essential part of Omani men's wedding attire worn around the waist.
Its new Dream collection is handknotted of real silk and cashmere wool, with traditional designs and modern colors.
Kate takes part in herding goats, harvesting cashmere wool and attending a lively yak festival.
South Bund Fabric Market 399 Lujiabang Road, Huangpu While the cashmere wool stoles are definitely a sight for sore eyes, this particular store offers jackets of the same material that can be made to order within 24 hours.
Pashmina is very fine cashmere wool taken from pashmina goats indigenous to the Himalayas, the world's highest chain of mountains.
A relatively new trend in fragrance is for soft, enveloping scents reminiscent of cashmere and the smell can be achieved using different ingredients, such as musk indanone, used to mimic the smooth soft feel of cashmere wool.
The loss is incalculable," a grim-faced Yahya added, staring at muddy bundles of what had been handspun fine cashmere wool to make Pashmina shawls.
The overcoat is made of cashmere wool blend with a wind proof backing, keeping it lightweight and formal but performance ready.
Cashmere refers to Cashmere wool, a fiber obtained from various types of goats.