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 (kăz′lən), William 1692-1766.
English type designer whose typefaces, such as Caslon, were widely used in the 1700s.


(Printing, Lithography & Bookbinding) a style of type designed by William Caslon, English type founder (1692–1766)


(ˈkæz lən)

William, 1692–1766, English type founder.
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Sandra's dolphin was constructed entirely with upper- and lower-case Caslon "D's," Roxanne's amazing giraffe used "g's" exclusively, and Tori's spectacular peacock is assembled with serif and sans serif "P's.
As with its first dry-toner effort, Nilpeter succeeded in placing Caslon units around the industry but discontinued its involvement in the project recently.
Another is to effectively manage your presses to run as continuously as possible with properly prioritized work, said Greg Cholmondeley from Caslon.
He was fond of the Caslon font, which was developed by a British engraver and is still available digitally today.
12) Glover's discreet and refined design, using handset Caslon Old Face types in both Roman and Italic, demonstrates how well he had learned the lessons of Morison, Gill and Lowry.
Jennett, Sean 1958 Pioneers in Printing: Johann Gutenberg, William Caxton, William Caslon, John Baskerville, Alois Senefelder, Frederick Koenig, Ottmar Mergenthaler, Tolbert Lanston.
Perfect Tribute 4f Dubawi - Perfect Spirit Mildmay Racing & D H Caslon 0889-86 RPR 108 OR 100 She needed the run at Bath last month and I thought she ran well in a competitive race at Lingfield on Saturday.
Miller's acquisition of the Salkelds' wooden hand press and a case of Bodoni type--and later a case of Caslon type and an Albion flat bed press--confirmed his commitment to 'verse'.
With a deep dedication to traditional printing -- one of his sons is named Caslon, after the 18th-century type designer -- he abhorred the notion of throwing out a book once it had been scanned.
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PPBG's John Kaufman will facilitate this discussion with guest speaker Dave Erlandson, general manager of Caslon & Co.