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    (kăs´så`då; 277)
n.1.See Cassava.
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Mandioca or cassada is likewise cultivated in great quantity.
Nuptial music was provided by Cherie Gallaspie Bond, pianist; Linda Taylor, organist; and Karen Taylor Cassada, soloist.
IMM's TIC solution was fully encompassing of what First Community needed to be on the forefront of technology and superior member service," said Jeff Cassada, branch operations manager for First Community FCU.
Bridesmaids were Ashley Grantham Luke of Knoxville, Tennessee; Kathy Grant and Erika Paine of Oxford; Karen Taylor Cassada of Batesville; Michellve Johnson Crouch of Cordova, Tennessee; Allison Martin Sorter of Mandeville, Louisiana; Jennifer Wesson Sistrunk of Raleigh, North Carolina; and Allison Tarpy of Austin, Texas.
Calvert, NALP Nottingham Kim Carter, NALP The Time Group-Grey Haven Tina Cassada, NALP Camden Park Commons Yolanda Cedrez, NALP Stone Bridge Apts.
James Salter's Gods of Tin is a compilation of two works of fiction (The Hunters [Harper, 1956] and Cassada [Counterpoint, 2000]), a memoir (Burning the Days [Picador, 2007]), and a personal journal--all by the author.
The List Racetracks on Caribbean islands Antigua Cassada Gardens (St John's) Barbados Garrison Savannah (Bridgetown) Dominican Republic Hipodromo V Centenario (Santo Domingo) Jamaica Caymanas Park (Saint Catherine) Martinique Hippodrome du Carrere (Lamentin) Puerto Rico Camarero (Canonovas) St Kitts & Nevis Beaumont Park (St Kitts); Indian
Known botanically as Manihot esculenta "Variegata," Tapioca has also been called cassada, cassava, manioc, yuca, mandioca, shushu, muk shue, cassave, maniok, tapioka, imanoka, maniba, kasaba, katela boodin.
Cassada is a former naval aviator who holds an undergraduate degree from Albion College, and advanced degrees from the University of Rochester, N.
Cassada (1986), writing in Library Journal, said, "Ender Wiggin, hero and scapegoat in the last war, seeks a chance to redeem his own--and humanity's--greatest crime, the failure to understand.
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Tendo funcionado entre 1955 e 1980, quando a concessao da Tupi foi cassada, a Itacolomi, pertencente ao grupo da Tupi, passou por varias fases.