Castel Gandolfo

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Cas·tel Gan·dol·fo

 (kä-stĕl′ gän-dōl′fō)
A town of central Italy southeast of Rome. It is the site of the papal summer residence.

Cas•tel Gan•dol•fo

(kɑˈstɛl gɑnˈdɔl foʊ)
a village in central Italy, 15 mi. (24 km) SE of Rome: summer palace of the pope.
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Todo el palacio de Castel Gandolfo, donde se encuentra el departamento donde tradicionalmente los papas han tenido sus vacaciones de verano fue abierto diariamente, y se recibe a huespedes ilustres, fue abierto al publico de 9 de la manana a una de la tarde, al ser transformado en museo por decision del papa Francisco.
A Castello di Serravalle, San Marino B The Doge's Palace, Venice C Castel Gandolfo Villas D Palazzo Pitti, Florence QUESTION 15 - for 15 points: Who composed the opera Dido And Aeneas?
That said, a high level of appreciation for the work of Gadamer is reflected in an incident that took place at Castel Gandolfo, where Gadamer was a guest at one of the summer conferences organized by John Paul II.
CASTEL GANDOLFO, ITALY * Pope Francis is shunning the expansive papal summer palace in Castel Gandolfo for the third time since 2013, a choice that is causing frustration among locals who rely on the tourists a papal visit brings.
Amman, May 11 (Petra) -- An olive tree stands tall and green in the Vatican gardens at Castel Gandolfo, bearing witness to a deep-rooted and special relationship between Jordan and the Holy See, spanning many decades.
He leaves the Vatican, flying in a helicopter to Castel Gandolfo.
About the very sad news that has come unfortunately from Egypt: I wish to address my prayers to the victims, their families, the wounded and to those who are suffering," the pontiff said during a blessing at Castel Gandolfo, the summer papal residence near Rome.
Benedict will leave by helicopter from Castel Gandolfo outside Rome, the papal lakeside residence where he has been staying since he stepped down at the end of February, and is expected to touch down in the Vatican at around 1430 GMT.
They dined at his summer residence in Castel Gandolfo but there's speculation as to the exact location of the meal.
Pope Francis flew from the Vatican by helicopter to visit his predecessor Benedict XVI at his new home at Castel Gandolfo, near Rome.
Benedict was waiting at the helipad of the Papal summer residence Castel Gandolfo, where the pair embraced after Francis landed.
POPE Francis has travelled to Castel Gandolfo to have lunch with his predecessor Benedict XVI in a historic meeting.