Casting line

(Fishing) the leader; also, sometimes applied to the long reel line.

See also: Casting

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They're supposed to be out on a lake somewhere casting line, or kneeling in the garden trying to figure out why the radishes are a little slow coming up this year.
located in Columbiana, Alabama was adding a second foam casting line to its facility because of new orders.
The changeover to a symmetrical format for continuous casting line two offers customers in the automotive supply sector high-quality steel ingots for producing forgings.
The initial trial production results have been very positive, with all three electric arc furnaces, two AOD furnaces and casting line operating, presently producing 100 metric tons of stainless steel billet per day, representing a production ramp-up to approximately 17% of the operating capacity of the mill.
Significant new investment for environmental leadership and quality control improvements brings historical investment -- the original Corian(R) casting line -- to world class standards.
UC RUSAL, a leading global aluminium producer, announces that it has begun initial design work on a project to build a new casting line at the Krasnoyarsk aluminium smelter ( KrAZ ).
The electric-arc (AOD) furnaces have been installed, and the installation of the continuous casting line is nearing completion.
is in the process of building an additional plant that will include a continuous casting line for the manufacture of aluminium rods.
Since January when The Bachelorette began, ATS has received 13,331 calls to the casting line.
Estimated start-up for the fourth acrylic sheet casting line is October 1999.
The improvement in operating income came despite planned start-up costs associated with Wagner's new ductile iron casting line and IPC's new facility in Monterrey, Mexico.