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Noun1.Castoridae - beavers
mammal family - a family of mammals
Sciuromorpha, suborder Sciuromorpha - large more or less primitive rodents: squirrels; marmots; gophers; beavers; etc.
genus Castor, Castor - type genus of the Castoridae: beavers
Castoroides, genus Castoroides - extinct beavers of the Pleistocene; of eastern and southern United States
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American porcupine M Castoridae Castor canadensis American beaver L Cricetidae Neotoma magister Allegheny woodrat S Microtus spp.
Cricetinae, Muridae, Spalacidae, Calomyscidae, Capromyidae, Hystricidae, Castoridae.
Since all the insectivores and some rodent families (in our case Sciuridae, Castoridae, Gliridae, Eomyidae) have premolars and others do not (muroid rodents), this results in an over-representation of the former taxa.