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1. A fight between cats.
2. Informal A physical fight or angry argument between people, especially women.


informal a fight between two women



a dispute carried out with intense hostility and bitterness.


cat-fight, cat fight [ˈkætfaɪt] n (between women)crêpage m de chignon
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A closer look revealed a cat fighting for her life in the sea.
Must you insist on shoving this tired patriarchal concept of women cat fighting into our film (which is not about a road trip) as if grown, intelligent women have nothing better to do.
Filming has been halted for the past two months due to undisclosed circumstances but rumors are rife that the backstage cat fighting between Haifa and real-life belly dancer, Fifi Abdo, are to blame.
If Mr Thomas had a problem with the new cat fighting his other cat, then he should have sought advice on how to deal with this problem.
This year's Miss Great Britain competition was probably the last of its kind before reality TV-inspired cat fighting takes over the show, according to the Wales representative.
Scottish women to be given training in cat fighting, as some of them shamefully can't pull hair or scratch properly.
But onlookers did not witness any cat fighting as the pair kept firmly out of each other's way.