Cat nap

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a very short sleep.

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Often before had it supported his sleepy head, and now he leaned back to enjoy the forbidden pleasure of a cat nap.
At noon, he settles on my lap, curling up for another cat nap.
Apparently, she liked nothing better than curling up on a sunny chair in the children's area for a cat nap - and when the library got its first computers, the warm spots next to the keyboards became a favourite place for forty winks too.
Give yours somewhere cosy for a cat nap in one of these cat igloos whatever your budget Comfort kitty igloo Now PS9.
Nathan Grimley had dosed off on his sofa on Sunday when a loud slurping noise woke him from his cat nap.
Is this baby taking a cat nap, or maybe a kitten one?
Better yet, limousine service provides members of the wedding with some much needed downtime to chat, discuss the details of the event, or even to grab a quick cat nap.
Jason, who has the odd cat nap throughout his day, admitted he'd only had three hours' kip the night before his flying visit to Glasgow.
Wild cat: Hermit roams the isle near his old bothy; House cat: Tom settles into comfy new home; IN THE WILD Snarling Tom shows off fangs; ON THE COUCH Time for a cat nap in house
MICKEY the cat thought he had found the ideal place for a cat nap - on the engine of a Ford Mondeo.
A stowaway kitten woke up in South Wales after taking a cat nap 384 miles away in Scotland.
Eat with a beer or mug of tea and cat nap for half an hour.