Cat nap

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a very short sleep.

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Often before had it supported his sleepy head, and now he leaned back to enjoy the forbidden pleasure of a cat nap.
Is this baby taking a cat nap, or maybe a kitten one?
One of the main features of the afternoon is a sponsored cat nap when willing volunteers will be shut in an RSPCA cat pen along with its feline occupant.
Apparently, she liked nothing better than curling up on a sunny chair in the children's area for a cat nap - and when the library got its first computers, the warm spots next to the keyboards became a favourite place for forty winks too.
Viewing it as a noisy cat nap is what the radiographer suggested when he took my details at the start.
ThESE snoozing animals are clearly dog tired - or in desperate need of a cat nap.
Usually falling asleep on the subway brings a few minutes of pleasant rest, but when Jon Gorman and his buddy Tim, wake up from a little cat nap on the subway, they find themselves beginning a truly out-of-this world adventure.
No, I'm not referring to Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech, although, with shot-shy Wigan visiting Stamford Bridge, he should be able to enjoy a little cat nap between the sticks.
She also opens the sliding doors in the bedrooms and finds places to hide out and have a cat nap.
Sterling the self-assured grey cat tells his story, including the ups and downs of daily life, adapting to a new "intruder" cat adopted by the family, the how-to of the thoroughly relaxing Cat Nap, and much more.
A stowaway kitten woke up a long way from home after sneaking on to a lorry for a cat nap.
Stop being such a party animal, and try taking a little cat nap.