Catal Huyuk

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Ca·tal Hu·yuk

or ça·tal·hö·yük  (chä-täl′hœ-yük′)
An archaeological site in south-central Turkey southeast of Konya. It contains well-preserved ruins of a large Neolithic settlement.
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Her journey begins in Anatolia, where she visits Catalhoyuk, one of the world's earliest settlements, which is believed to have held some surprising ideas about gender.
Teams at Catalhoyuk are trying to find that out for the wall paintings there.
Mortimore JL, Marshall LJR, Almond MJ, Hollins P, Matthews W (2004) Analysis of red and yellow ochre samples from Clearwell Caves and Catalhoyuk by vibrational spectroscopy and other techniques.
They include the major mining sites of Walonia, Belgium, decorated farmhouses of Halsingland, Sweden, Neolithic site of Catalhoyuk, Turkey, lakes of Ounianga, Chad, Sangha Trinational, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Congo, Chengjiang Fossil site, China and Western Ghats, India.
The leopard's tale; revealing the mysteries of Catalhoyuk.
In Turkey's Catalhoyuk, at least, it seems that people did not live in families.
Catalhoyuk, featuring the oldest Neolithic houses found anywhere to date, some more than 9,000 years old.
The author relates the history of one of Turkey's most famous Neolithic settlements, Catalhoyuk on the Konya plain, and also tells the stories of its two precedent-setting excavators, lames Mellaart and Ian Hodder, at times to the extent that readers feel they are digging alongside the excavators.
Catalhoyuk is an enormous prehistoric village in south-central Turkey, dating to 7,500 B.
To them, all these remains going back to the neolithic finds at Catalhoyuk are part of Turkey's cultural heritage.
The complexities of home cooking: public feasts and private meals inside the Catalhoyuk house.