Catalytic force

that form of chemical energy formerly supposed to determine catalysis.

See also: Catalytic

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In other words, can China serve as a catalytic force in a nation's in- dustrialisation journey?
Special Olympics Gateshead Tyne & Wear is quite simply a catalytic force in positively changing people's lives.
He noted that education is also catalytic force to achieve other MDGs, including the eradication of extreme poverty and hunger and achieving gender equality, as it provides millions of young people with a chance to start a career and fulfil their aspirations.
And Fenberg tosses them around in his opening pages--about how government "can help people" and become "a catalytic force for progress"--before he lets the lessons from Jones's life grow organically out of the narrative.
When others discouraged me from taking up cutting and make-up as a career I had my mother's support which served as a catalytic force, enabling me to touch the zenith of my career at the age of 24
Like Pedroia, Andrews was a catalytic force at the top of the batting order, a second baseman who had a knack for making big plays in the field at key times in a game, and a contact hitter with some pop in his bat.
Brown was the catalytic force that helped us gel rid of American apartheid, or legally enforced racial separation.
As Gudjonsdottir's advocacy efforts grew, she became the catalytic force behind a 2001 SCI conference sponsored by the World Health Organization (WHO).
5] Berzelius' idea of catalytic force recalls the "Vital Force" of the alchemists, who deemed a trace amount of an essential substance necessary to effect the transformation of a much larger quantity of base lead into gold.
Although no longer the global force it used to be, as competitors for markets and resources emerge in Europe and Asia, the United States is still the world's only superpower, "the only country with the preparation and experience to act for good or evil as a catalytic force in international affairs.
It shows also that the salvation of a people can come from an outside catalytic force that makes all the good things in their past - often too familiar, taken for granted, and fossifized - new again.
OpenVG fills a distinct gap in the standards spectrum, as accelerated vector graphics is an idea whose time has come; and it is fascinating that the catalytic force came from within the handheld space," said Neil Trevett, president of the Khronos Group and senior vice president of market development at 3Dlabs.