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(ˌkæt əˈmɑr kə)

a city in N Argentina. 88,432.
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The Ordovician Acoite Formation (Santa Victoria Group) has a very wide distribution in the Puna, extending northwards from the Argentine province of Catamarca to the Bolivian border.
In its historical development, tobacco cooperatives experiencing three stages: a) foundation, that between 1967 and 1975, in Jujuy and Salta, with the establishment of the first two cooperatives, b) regional expansion, which is between 1976 and 1983, with the creation of cooperatives in Tucuman, Catamarca and Corrientes c) of specialization, which occurs in Misiones, Chaco and Tucuman, after the restoration of democracy in 1983.
If the EIS is approved by the Environmental Agencies, it will then be reviewed by the Provincial Committee of Experts for submission to the Governors of Salta and Catamarca for final construction approval.
Yacimientos Mineros de Aguas del Dionisio (YMAD), which includes the Argentine state, the Catamarca government, and the Universidad Nacional de Tucuman, owns the deposit and receives 20% of the profits.
The integration of Agua Rica with Alumbrera provides the greatest value potential for the Company and the best opportunity for the development of Agua Rica in the Catamarca province of Argentina.
Macrogeographic and microgeographic genetic structure of the Chagas' disease vector Triatoma infestans (Hemiptera: Reduviidae) from Catamarca, Argentina.
This time the curaca was Chelemin, the leader of a tribe south of the Quilmes, in what is now Catamarca, and Chelemin was pitted against Governor Felipe de Albornoz.
The surveys were done by means of personal interviews to entrepreneurship realized by auxiliary teachers and university students advanced and coordinated by teachers in the following universities: Universidad Nacional de Salta, Universidad Nacional de Jujuy, Universidad Nacional de Tucuman, Universidad Nacional de Catamarca, Universidad Nacional de Santiago del Estero, Universidad Nacional de Buenos Aires, Universidad Nacional de Misiones, Universidad Nacional del Nordeste, Universidad Nacional de San Juan, Universidad Nacional de Cordoba, Universidad Nacional de Rio Cuarto, Universidad Nacional de la Patagonia y Universidad Nacional del Comahue.
Tobacco is also grown in Tucuman, Corrientes, Catamarca and Chaco.
pentheri found in the provinces of La Rioja, Catamarca and Salta (here designated as the northern morph) differs slightly from the type material by larger size and less pronounced pigmentation (Roig-Alsina & Maury 1984; Ojanguren-Affilastro 2005b).
In another sign of her administration's weakening hold on power, a ruling party alliance was comfortably defeated in local elections in the Andean province of Catamarca on Sunday.
The route from Fiambala to La Rioja was reduced by 30 kilometres, leaving today's special stage at 223km, as the organisers accepted the Argentinian authorities' request to shorten it because of the archaeological discoveries made a month ago in the Fiambala region of Catamarca province.