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(Italian katanˈdzaːro)
(Placename) a city in S Italy, in Calabria. Pop: 95 251 (2001)


(ˌkɑ tɑnˈdzɑ rɔ)

a city in S Italy. 103,004.
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The contract relates to engineering services and architecture consisting in the feasibility study for the rehabilitation of the line-Cosenza Catanzaro managed by Ferrovie della Calabria Srl and owned by the Region of Calabria.
Catanzaro will oversee HAP's project managers on all developments.
K-CREATE enables law department review without direct interaction," adds Catanzaro.
Bernie Centrella, a nutritionist, bodybuilding author and personal trainer, agrees with Catanzaro, "Borrowing the same principle as a barbell squat rack, these dumbbell stands solve the problem of getting those heavy dumbbells into position to do your exercise.
The day that Obama won the hotly contested election to defeat his Republican rival Mitt Romney, Catanzaro, 16, allegedly tweeted, "No n should lead this country
Writing about the experience in Commonweal, Catanzaro said the Philadelphia board "had been advised only about allegations previously determined by archdiocesan officials to have involved the sexual abuse of a minor--a determination we had been under the impression was ours to make.
We were told that the weigh-in was not open to the public, but obviously we were misinformed because there was a whole group of people there for Amir being loud and boisterous," said Catanzaro.
Cannataro is affiliated with University Magna Graecia of Catanzaro, Italy.
A devout Anglican, Bob and Mary followed the late Bishop Carmino de Catanzaro from St.
The Bergamo club, relegated last term, clinched promotion with a 2-1 win at Catanzaro - but they need another win from their last three games to make sure they go up as champs.
Then the rats were either exposed to 95 dB of background electronic music or were not subjected to acoustic stimulation, according to an online report of the work done by Michelangelo Iannone of the Institute of Neurological Science, Italy, and collaborators from the University Magna Graecia in Catanzaro, Italy.