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(Italian katanˈdzaːro)
(Placename) a city in S Italy, in Calabria. Pop: 95 251 (2001)


(ˌkɑ tɑnˈdzɑ rɔ)

a city in S Italy. 103,004.
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Olshan Properties announced the appointment of Ernie Catanzaro as Head of Hospitality in charge of the company's growing hotel portfolio.
Chris Catanzaro, director, Channel Sales, Digital Shadows
Unlike other celebrities, he also didn't take the option of tagging his coach Kacy Catanzaro in obstacles that were extra challenging.
id=Catanzaro%2C%20Michael%20J&id=Y0000031051L&year=2016) Michael Catanzaro - a lobbyist for Devon Energy and Encana Oil and Gas - the "energy independence" portfolio, in his transition team.
The Patriots played the first of four games without suspended quarterback Tom Brady and were also without star tight end Rob Gronkowski, but the Cardinals would have won had Chandler Catanzaro not missed a field goal with 41 seconds remaining.
The investigation is being carried out by anti-Mafia prosecutors in the southern town of Catanzaro.
Jeff Catanzaro managing director, of Huron Legal, has exceptional experience in the legal process outsourcing, but for this most recent project, which tasked him with leveraging technology to develop a more efficient the contract process, he sought to create a tool that could be used internally by an organization.
Ricky Catanzaro of Xaverian High School in Brooklyn and Lou LaDonna of West Islip High School on Long Island allegedly posted the tweets first reported by the website Jezebel.
of Catanzaro, Italy) and Bates (biological systems engineering, U.
Summary: Born in October 1951 in Rome, he began his football career as a defender with AS Roma, Catanzaro and Catania (five years in Serie A).
The striker later joined Italy's Catanzaro and Modena, and then transferred to Premier League's Portsmouth and West Bromwich Albion respectively.