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Copious discharge of mucus associated with inflammation of mucous membranes, especially of the nose and throat.

[Middle English catarre, from Old French catarrhe, from Late Latin catarrhus, from Greek katarrous, from katarrein, to flow down : kata-, cata- + rhein, to flow; see sreu- in Indo-European roots.]

ca·tarrh′al, ca·tarrh′ous adj.
ca·tarrh′al·ly adv.
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Adj.1.catarrhal - of or relating to a catarrh; "catarrhal fever is any of several respiratory or oral diseases of livestock such as bluetongue in horses and sheep"




[kəˈtɑːrəl] adjcatarrale


a. catarral, referente a un catarro.
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The preparation of leaves is used in catarrhal fever and applied to sinuses and scrofulous sores.
The anatomopathologic findings are compatible with septicemia, and the classic lesions are hepatomegaly, splenomegaly, pneumonia, and hemorrhagic catarrhal enteritis.
You seldom came across anybody from the Valleys, or Cardiff even, just the in Welshy-Welsh, catarrhal BA'd North Walians down for what they could get, ministers' sons from everywhere, and girls from farms by the look of them, legs like bottles, all sitting around endlessly in the canteen, heads bent together and the hum of gossip rising like steam above a football crowd.
In cattle the initial symptoms appeared similar to malignant catarrhal fever (MCF), but the more severe eye lesions typically seen with MCF do not appear.
Traditional use: This herb used to be used for catarrhal conditions of the upper respiratory tract and as a general relaxant.
While the present extent of malignant catarrhal fever is unknown because of the lack of practical detection procedures, two things are quite certain: It is one of several cattle diseases caused by a herpes-virus, and it is often fatal.
Lipidosis, Aleutian mink disease virus, and catarrhal enteritis also were diagnosed in the mink (online Technical Appendix Table).
tripartita are widely used in the treatment of catarrhal rhinitis, angina, acute respiratory infection, and as an anti-inflammatory in colitis, gout, and rachitis (Sokolov 2000).
Five to six days after pigeons are inoculated with oocysts of E labbeana, a mild catarrhal enteritis, characterized by mild-to-moderate reddening of the intestinal mucosa and increased perfusion, generally involves the cranial two-thirds of the small intestines.
A Vogel's Plantago tincture can be particularly useful for catarrhal congestion, earache and ear infections.
Euphrasia Catarrhal headaches, profuse burning tears, conjunctivitis and a bland nasal discharge characterise this remedy.
In cattle initial symptoms in last year's outbreak appeared similar to malignant catarrhal fever (MCF), but the more severe ocular lesions typically seen with MCF did not appear.