n.1.A cistern or vault at the point where a street gutter discharges into a sewer, to catch bulky matters which would not pass readily through the sewer.
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A toxicology test performed on the body of a University of Oregon graduate who was found stuck in a catch-basin shaft at the city's public works sewage pump station in west Eugene has come back inconclusive, Eugene police said Friday.
The company's decorative drain covers add unexpected sculptural detailing to areas that are largely overlooked: standardize "trench" or catch-basin drains typically found in patios and driveways or around swimming pools.
Dilks says the site was generally flat but was graded at 1 percent to help direct water away from the piles of recyclable metals and toward the nine catch-basin drains collecting runoff.
We are not speaking here of a profound religious revelation" but of "a catch-basin of religious flotsam and jetsam, a vast undigested (and largely indigestible) pudding of ideas, beliefs, feelings, and practices that appeals largely to those who no longer possess, or who have lost, the discerning eye that orthodoxy demands.
Other measures include using catch-basin inserts to screen or filter pollutants, telling downtown business owners along Skid Row not to hose vagrants' waste into storm drains and running ad campaigns advising residents to pick up after their pets, lest more bacteria wash into the Los Angeles River.