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n.1.The state or condition of a catechumen or the time during which one is a catechumen.
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Using interesting observations from studies of photography, the catechumenate, role-playing video games, and social digital ministry, Schnekloth argues that new forms of media may enhance faith formation in ways frequently overlooked.
The North American Forum on the Catechumenate, a lay-run organization that formed the backbone of diocesan- and parish-based Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults programs by providing workshops and resources across the United States and Canada for more than three decades, will be dissolved.
Admittedly, ecumenical engagement around the subjects of the catechumenate and baptism, while still challenging, was far less problematic than that which tackled what was seen by many to be the more pressing issue: the theology, practice, and ecclesiology of the eucharist.
Baptism naturally forms a rich part of tradition, and accordingly the author reaches back to the earliest Christians, referring to an early liturgical book, the Didache, which teaches three parts to baptism: the catechumenate, which could last for years, the "ritual washing" and the blessing "with the Trinitarian name?
A first step in establishing a theological space for a discourse of encouragement, then, is to recognize the church's complex of initiatory rites: the revived catechumenate for baptismal preparation, baptism proper where the agent is the Holy Spirit, chrismation (anointing with oil that symbolizes the giving of the Holy Spirit in Origen's sense) and receiving the Eucharist, the beginning of on-going nourishment of baptismal identity.
The context of this passage is significant--the provision of guidance for church leaders about admitting people to the church's three-year catechumenate.
The Methodist Church has no formal equivalent to the catechumenate into which those who are preparing for adult baptism or full church membership in the Anglican and Roman Catholic Churches are admitted.
Many churches have (re)discovered the importance of the catechumenate and preparation for the sacramental event.
I spent a lot of time withMichelle as shewent through her catechumenate - a year-long preparation to become a Catholic," he said.
Curiously, however, Daniel neglects some of Kochetkov's most interesting activities: his revival of the ancient model of catechumenate (complete with dismissing the catechumens before the Liturgy of the Faithful); the formation of small groups that meet regularly as a means of creating a sense of community in a large parish; and the St.
These included arming missionary auxiliaries to fight the slave trade, training African doctor-catechists, and restoring the catechumenate of the early church.
A third area has to do with renewing and broadening the baptismal catechumenate for different age groups in society.