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n.1.Property; - often used by Chaucer in contrast with rent, or income.
"For loss of catel may recovered be,
But loss of tyme shendeth us," quod he.
- Chaucer.
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A trio of critical psycho-biographies from the late 1960s through the early 1980s, which revive a tradition of biography initiated most powerfully by the French critic Jean Catel in his 1929, are variously dismissive and outright antagonistic in their approach to the late work.
1 It was first described by Lesch and Nyhan in two brothers presenting with hematuria, motor development delay, choreoathethosis, and badly mutilated lips and mouth2 although Catel and Schimdt previously reported an infant with hyperuricemic encephalopathy who was later shown to have HPRT deficiency.
Etymologically, "the term 'cattle' is derived from the Middle English and Old Northern French catel, the late Latin captale and the Latin capital, meaning 'capital' in the sense of chattel or chief property" (Velten, 2007: 22).
The agreements were signed by Health Minister Samira Merai, France's Ambassador in Tunis Olivier Poivre d'Arvor, Director of the French Development Agency in Tunis (AFD) Gilles Chausse and CATEL Group President and Representative of Expertise France Emanuelle Maurin.
Madame Samira Merai, Ministre de la Sante, Monsieur Elaid Trabelsi, Chef de Cabinet du Ministre des Affaires sociales, Monsieur Olivier Poivre d'Arvor, Ambassadeur de France en Tunisie et Monsieur Gilles Chausse, Directeur de l'Agence Francaise de Developpement (AFD) en Tunisie ont signe ce mardi 18 octobre avec les structures Catel et Expertise France une convention de cooperation technique dans le secteur de l'e-sante.
Barre P, Velde B, Catel N, Abbadie L (20076) Soil-plant potassium transfer: impact of plant activity on clay minerals as seen from X-ray diffraction.
panne schulde pou be ful gladde, Aftir no catel neyd thowe crave
exibiendo en aquel tiempo el Manuscrito en la Libreria del Conde de San Clemente, es de creer, que permanecera ahora: y con lo que dice Dormer, havia suficiente documento para afirmar resolutoriamente, que la Gaya ciencia es Poesia; y para decir que la cita de Catel necesita de mas examen, o que en la realidad no prueba, que la Gaya ciencia fuesse Arte Poetica.
Highlights include autograph full scores of operas and ballets by Giovanni Paisiello (1740-1816), Charles Simon Catel (1773-1830), Victor Masse (1822-1884), and Alexandre Luigini (1850-1906).
Benoit Catel, Volksbank Romania president, said: "The slashing of interest for consumer loans is part of the action plan drawn by Volksbank Romania for its repositioning and consolidation of the local market.
He was privately educated, being taught by Christian Ernst Martini, a theology student, and then by Samuel Heinrich Catel, a Huguenot preacher (Griffiths 2005: 28).
Brennan added a 13-yard touchdown pass to Mitch Catel late in the third quarter.