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It is pretty well documented, especially by exponents of feminist and queer theory, such as, for example, Judith Butler, that sexuality is usually excluded or normalized by mainstream media imagery and discourses, but it reappears on these micro-networked blogspheres, and mostly through the free-censorship functionality of Tumblr, in the form of a catenation circuit that ranges from simple homemade videos and photographic essays to violent abuse imagery and how-to content explaining practices of BDSM (bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, sadism and masochism).
allows defining the catenation of two partial arrays in a trivial way.
These two periods are associated with the growth of different phytoplankton, with Alexandrium tamarense known to proliferate during August to October, and with the second group harvested between February and April when Gymnodinium catenation was detected (Brazeiro et al.
Yaghi, Effects of Functionalization, Catenation, and Variation of the Metal Oxide and Organic Linking Units on the Low-Pressure Hydrogen Adsorption Properties of Metal-Organic Frameworks, J.
du Narzif: Overly feel-good nationalistic ads always ring hollow to me: too opportunistic (with brands piggy-backing a spike in national enthusiasm); too fluffy (generally full of barely credible, screen-filling smiles); too slippery (that uneasy con- catenation of chest-beating and reflection).
These algorithms have three parts: (a) construction of a Cayley table, (b) reflection of the Cayley table, and (c) construction of S-CHS by cyclic shift and catenation.
Milne Edwards, 1853) Ocypode ceratophthalmus (Pallas, 1772) Ocypode madagascariensis Crosnier, 1965 Ocypode tyderi Kingsley, 1880 Parasesamia catenation (Ortmann, 1897) Paratylodtplax blephariskios (Stebbing, 1924) Pertsesarma guttatum (A.
The catenation of CARICOM economies through the realization of corporate synergies will stimulate investment flows and financial intermediation.
These noSQL databases may be vulnerable to some of the traditional injection attacks that involve string catenation.