Catherine de' Medici

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Cath·e·rine de Mé·di·cis

 (kăth′ər-ĭn də mā-dē-sēs′, kăth′rĭn, kät-rēn′) or Catherine de' Me·di·ci (mĕd′ĭ-chē′, mĕd′ē-) 1519-1589.
Queen of France as the wife of Henry II and regent during the minority (1560-1563) of her son Charles IX. She continued to wield power until the end of Charles's reign (1574).

Catherine de' Medici


Catherine de Médicis

(Biography) 1519–89, queen of Henry II of France; mother of Francis II, Charles IX, and Henry III of France; regent of France (1560–74). She was largely responsible for the massacre of Protestants on Saint Bartholomew's Day (1572)
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The high heel was invented in 1533 to give Caterina de Medici the stature of a platform shoe but with more stability at her wedding to the Duke of Orleans.
For his efforts, Mindel was the first American, and first person of non-Italian descent to receive the Italian government's Caterina de Medici Medal for excellence in preservation of Italian heritage and culture outside of Italy.
and The American Bounty Restaurant, The Escoffier Restaurant, The Caterina de Medici Dining Room, and St.