Catherine Howard

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Cath′erine How′ard

1520?–42, fifth queen of Henry VIII of England.
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Noun1.Catherine Howard - Queen of England as the fifth wife of Henry VIII who was accused of adultery and executed (1520-1542)Catherine Howard - Queen of England as the fifth wife of Henry VIII who was accused of adultery and executed (1520-1542)
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Knowsley Harriers' Helen Sharman and Catherine Howard rounded off the top three with Sharman recording a new best over the course in 21:40, with the duo finishing 24th and 25th respectively overall in the event.
The day was co-organised by Catherine Howard, manager and curator at North East Art Collective - which includes around 150 artists and designers and is also an ambassador for small businesses - and Dawn Goodwill-Evans from its supporter Active Northumberland.
On the same day, Henry married his fifth wife, Catherine Howard.
For 400 years, Preston Hall in the South Eastern 'Garden of England' county of Kent, was the country home of the Culpeper family whose descendants included Joyce Culpeper, mother of the ill-fated Catherine Howard, fifth wife of Henry VIII.
In 1542, the fifth wife of England's King Henry VIII, Catherine Howard, was executed for adultery.
The palace itself is said to be haunted by Catherine Howard, the beheaded fifth wife of Henry VIII.
1542: "I die a Queen but I would rather have died the wife of Culpepper," - said to be the last words of Catherine Howard, fifth wife of Henry VIII, before she was beheaded on Tower Green.
This is where Henry had his wives Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard beheaded (in 1536 and 1542) because neither provided a son and heir.
Henry VIII marries his fifth wife, 17-year-old Catherine Howard, a mischievous beauty who ignites the passion of both the king and his chamber groom, setting up a deadly love triangle.
Catherine Howard, the young, vivacious, and wanton fifth wife of Henry VIII, committed adultery and was beheaded.
According to the New York Post, the final 10 episodes will follow the monarch's tumultuous relationships with his last two wives: Catherine Howard, who was beheaded for treason, and Katherine Parr, who outlived the king.