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 (kăt′l-īn′) Originally Lucius Sergius Catilina. 108?-62 bc.
Roman politician and conspirator who led an unsuccessful revolt against the Roman Republic while Cicero was a consul.


(Biography) Latin name Lucius Sergius Catilina. ?108–62 bc, Roman politician: organized an unsuccessful conspiracy against Cicero (63–62)
Catilinarian adj


(ˈkæt lˌaɪn)

(Lucius Sergius Catilina) 108?–62 B.C., Roman politician and conspirator.


[ˈkætɪˌlaɪn] nCatilina m
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This throws our actions into perspective; and as crabs, goats, scorpions, the balance and the waterpot lose their meanness when hung as signs in the zodiac, so I can see my own vices without heat in the distant persons of Solomon, Alcibiades, and Catiline.
Like Leah Marcus, whose work on topicali ty he does nor cite, Dutton wisely refrains from trying to read an entire play as did earlier Old Historicist critics such as Barbara De Luna in his study of Catiline.
1) Caesar's speech in support of leniency towards Catiline is interrupted by the delivery of a letter.
Helm takes the ten-furlong maiden from Fine Blue (Peter Makin/Frankie Durr), and Catiline the second leg of the juvenile maiden from Letterellan (Toby Balding/Dave Gibson).
Fox played Herod to North's Pilate, Catiline to the Vicar of Bray, Cromwell to Charles I.
Ruling Rome through his pen and through puzzling interpretive quibbles, Tiberius maintains an authority that is appreciated for its disturbingly literary character; and Slights has to blacken Cicero in Catiline, unpersuasively I think, so as not to have Jonson seem to underwrite the spy-system by which the conspiracy is defeated.
In his second Catilinarian, delivered to an assembly of the Roman people, Cicero condemns Catiline as a lover of free-born youth:
It takes the comedies in performance as its main subject, tactfully omits Catiline, and stresses that 'Jonson's remarkable erudition was offset by as prodigious an appetite for life and a great relish for the absurd, quixotic and outrageous in human behaviour'.
The Catiline explores competing and contradictory claims to virtus, exemplified by Caesar, Cato, and Catiline himself, a paragon of ambiguity in contrast to the unproblematic Cicero.
56) The folio versions of The Alchemist, Catiline, and Poetaster receive preference as Jonson's corrected copy.
The frequency with which Chapman was to commend Jonson's first Jacobean works--he offered poems on the publication of Sejantts in 1605, Volpone (1607), and Catiline (1611)--is another factor.