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Noun1.Cattell - American psychologist (born in England) who developed a broad theory of human behavior based on multivariate research (1905-1998)
2.Cattell - American psychologist and editor (1860-1944)
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Peter Cattell, Fuel Director for Tesco said: We know that the cost of fuel matters to our customers.
Fireghters spent more than 30 minutes cutting the man free from the car following the crash at Cattell Road, in Small Heath, at about 11.
Cerys achieved her impressive score on the Cattell III B scale, which she has been told gives her an IQ higher than people like Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein.
Simon Boast, Liam King, Richard Turvey; Ben Roukin, Amy Gibson, Hanna Jaaskelainen and Paul Maycock; David Loewi, Des Gunewardena and Paul Goodale; Suzanne Virdee, Andy Fox, Adrian Goldberg and Sharuna Sagar; Helen Smith, actor Colin Buchanan and Caroline Harsley; Betty Rawson, Emma Clark, Tracy Cattell and Ollie Humpage; Matt Brindley, Lisa Dowd, Dan Barton, Emma Jesson, Tom Parminter and Philippa Thomson
oOrange Communi- cations has applied to the council to install a 20-metre high communications tower at a site in Cattell Road, Warwick.
Don Cattell, Outrider(TM) TUAV program director, said both the troops who operated the ground control station and the brigade leadership and intelligence staff who relied on it for tactical information reported that they were satisfied with its performance.
Father-of-one Andrew Cattell was running his drug dealing operation for six weeks before police launched a raid on the flat in Reservoir Road, Rowley Regis, Wolverhampton Crown Court heard.
John Cattell, an organic farmer in Solihull, who has received several national awards for his produce, fears the niche market will be jeopardised if modified crops are grown near to organic sites.
The same day a phone and fax machine was taken from offices at Hykleen in Cattell Road, Warwick, and computer equipment was taken from the Box Factory in Caswell Road, Leamington.
Don Cattell, Outrider(TM) TUAV program director, said the objective of the flight was to verify performance of the SAS during takeoff and landing.
Keith Cattell will be giving a talk called City Hopping Around Europe to entertain members of Solihull Ladies Probus Club on Thursday.
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