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(Spanish ˈkauka)
(Placename) a river in W Colombia, rising in the northwest and flowing north to the Magdalena River. Length: about 1350 km (840 miles)


(ˈkaʊ kɑ)

a river in W Colombia: tributary of the Magdalena. 600 mi. (965 km) long.
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The decision to settle in Valle del Cauca complies with the Department's strategic location, which will allow importation of raw materials and exportation of finished products to countries located in the Pacific Ocean, with this plant being the production and distribution hub for the Andean and Central American region.
What we've seen is that, as the weather gets gradually warmer, cold-loving endemic species have been forced to move up in elevation," says Juan Pablo Martinez, a biologist at the University of Cauca in the regional capital of Popayan.
If the Army, the police, and the paramilitaries leave Cauca .
The rebels captured the pilots when their helicopter made an emergency landing in a football field in the village of El Plateado, in the municipality of Argelia, in Cauca province.
Police found the 13-year-old in Puerto Saija, in the province of Cauca.
Auparavant, la mort du chef des Farc, l'une des deux guerillas encore actives en Colombie avec l'Armee de liberation nationale (ELN), avait ete confirmee par le gouverneur du departement de Cauca (sud-ouest), oE il a ete abattu, puis par le ministre de la Defense Juan Carlos Pinzon, quelques minutes avant le president.
The state of Valle del Cauca in southwestern Colombia has a higher incidence of tuberculosis (TB) than the rest of the country (47 vs.
The 8,000 workers in Cauca and Valle de Cauca worked virtually every day, all day, under brutal conditions for scanty wages, said Esparza, who spent 10 months in the country.
Government mediator Eduardo Pizarro Leon Gomez said the helicopters with the humanitarian delegation arrived at the agreed co-ordinates in Tolima province only to find the rebels had moved the hostages southwest to Cauca province, "They moved them over the mountain range, which shows a strange attitude, one that annoys the Government," Mr.
That was in his Roldanillo house in Valle del Cauca where he and ten siblings were being raised and supported by the saddlery work of his father, the child of an immigrant from Cataluna (where Rayo was pronounced Rayo with the accent on the end).
Este lagarto llego probablemente al Pacifico colombiano desde barcos procedentes de las islas polinesias (Oceano Pacifico occidental) (Medem 1968), y su distribucion se mantenia anteriormente confinada a la isla Gorgona, y a los departamentos de Cauca, Narino y Valle del Cauca (Ayala 1986, Sanchez-C.
Standing before the flag of the Regional Indigenous Council of Cauca in the indigenous reserve of Lopez, Governor Conda explained: