Caustic curve

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(Optics) a curve to which the ray of light, reflected or refracted by another curve, are tangents, the reflecting or refracting curve and the luminous point being in one plane.

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0] from the specimen front surface, a dark region called the shadow-spot, surrounded by a bright curve called the caustic curve is observed.
By an examination of the mapping, it can be shown that light rays that reflect from the specimen both inside as well as outside the initial curve are mapped outside the caustic curve on the screen plane and that the rays reflecting from the initial curve are mapped onto the caustic curve.
3](r, [Theta]) in Eq 2 and Eq 3, the caustic curve can be obtained.
3](r, [Theta]) given by Eq 6 to determine the shape of the caustic curve; the shape and size of the caustic curve can then be used to determine J and [M.