Cave lion

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(Zool.) a fossil lion found in the caves of Europe, believed to be a large variety of the African lion.

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The mural--which depicts a type of cave lion now long extinct--is so detailed that it has taught zoologists many things about the species, including the fact that its.
In future, studies could also focus on other huge extinct mammals such as the cave lion, the woolly mammoth, the Irish elk and a giant rhinoceros.
MAN the hunter may be off the hook over the extinction of mammals such as the woolly mammoth, woolly rhino and cave lion, according to North East experts.
In this way, her principal character, Ayla, made pets of a wolf, a horse, and improbably a cave lion.
The Pleistocene cave lion, Panthera spalaea (Carnivora, Felidae) from Yakutia, Russia.
Louis-Philippe Beuzelin is good value for his 3lb claim in these apprentice races, but I'm not convinced Cave Lion is a claimer's ride, as he has a tendency to pull hard in his races.
The study also suggests cave diners hunted the lion, Panthera leo fossilis, a cave lion about seven feet long, considerably bigger than today's African lions.
The remains of forest elephants, rhinos, and a cave lion indicate that the climate was generally warmer than it is there today.
Cave Lion came good at the second time of asking in the 1m maiden and in some style.
8 million years ago to 10,000 years ago) could be divided into two groups: the American Lion which lived in North America, and the Cave Lion which lived in northern Europe, Russia, Alaska and the Yukon.