Cavernous body

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a body of erectile tissue with large interspaces which may be distended with blood, as in the penis or clitoris.

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14) In PANDO, descending inflammation from the eye or ascending inflammation from the nose leads to fibrous remodeling of the helical arrangement of connective tissue fibets, 18 loss of specialized blood vessels in the subepithelial cavernous body (19,20) and epithelial metaplasia of the mucous membrane in a circumscribed area, (21) which may play a role in dacryolith formation.
Environmentalists around the world have given the Barrier Reef another two decades at the most, so it's time you head Down Under to take a swim along the coral and discover the thousands of fish species housed within its cavernous body.
first time, your dorsal vein, your artery, your cavernous body, your