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(ˌkɔːnˈpɔː) or


(Placename) the former name of Kanpur
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Little Toomai remembered the Cawnpore elephant-lines and said nothing.
Lucknow is rather better than a hundred miles to the east, and Cawnpore about as far to the south.
If our door were in the hands of the Sepoys the place must fall,and the women and children be treated as they were in Cawnpore.
The return journey took in the Sind Valley, Baramulla, Murree, Delhi and Cawnpore before arriving in Lucknow on Christmas Eve 1864.
and names of parties qualified after technical evaluation: 1) Cawnpore Woollen Mills2) J.
With branches in Bombay, Madras, Lahore and Cawnpore, the new "Indian language service" of D.
I had just come out of the swimming pool in the Cawnpore Club (it has retained its anglicised name) and was in the men's dressing room.
British opposition to the upgrading of the Aligarh Muslim College (1910-1912), and the emotion-laden Cawnpore (now Kanpur) Mosque affair (1913).
Apart from iconic paintings of the Residency ( Lucknow), Juma Masjid ( Delhi), the ghats of Benaras and the streets of Cawnpore, the most fascinating one is that of Lord Hastings and the Nawab Vizier entering Lucknow on elephant backs.
New Cawnpore Flour Mills and, Supreme Court of India, May, 2008).
Gurdip Singh, 74, of Cawnpore Road, Whitmore Park, admitted drinkdriving (57mcg of alcohol in 100ml of breath.