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(Portuguese siaˈra)
1. (Placename) a state of NE Brazil: sandy coastal plain, rising to a high plateau. Capital: Fortaleza. Pop: 7 654 535 (2002). Area: 150 630 sq km (58 746 sq miles)
2. (Placename) another name for Fortaleza


(ˌseɪ əˈrɑ)

a state on the NE coast of Brazil. 6,803,567; 57,149 sq. mi. (148,016 sq. km). Cap.: Fortaleza.
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With the advent of drought in 1942-43, cotton production in Ceara was more than halved from the previous year and nearly seventy-five percent lower than in 1940-41.
The funds will drive productivity in the municipality, which is part of the metropolitan area of Fortaleza, the capital of Ceara and one of the areas with the greatest potential for economic development in that part of Brazil.
Ceara, according to its policy of secondary care regionalization, has implemented Regional Dental Specialty Centers (CEO-R) since 2009, with the aim of increasing the offer of further specialties to the interior areas of the state (7).
Rio de Janeiro: Parana and Ceara secured their return to Brazil's top football division in the penultimate round of the Serie B season.
Priod annwyl Carolyn, tad arbennig Nia a'i phriod Keith, Ian a'i briod Gail, taid balch a chariadus Karl a'i briod Lois, Christopher a'i bartner Ceara, Sion, Cai, Mabon, Awen a Hefin, brawd hoff Alwyn, Ceridwen, Medwen a'r diweddar Meirion, brawd yng nghyfraith Marian, Hugh a Maldwyn ac ewythr hoffus.
El ambito de estudio en Brasil, debido a su extension y por la forma de implementacion de la estrategia principalmente en la zona del nordeste de Brasil [14], se realizo en el Estado de Ceara, ubicada al nordeste del Brasil, cuya capital es Fortaleza, con una poblacion estimada para el ano 2010 de 8'448 055 habitantes, una cobertura del programa de Salud de la Familia (2009) del 71,9% y una tasa de mortalidad infantil (2009) de 15,7 por mil nacidos vivos [15].
Jesse Ward and Sarah Fogwill were the most successful pair in the match scoring 24 in their four overs, while captain Niki Patel and Player of the match Ceara Toal adding 22 to the tally.
BASED TaxAssist Accountants has expanded its team with the appointment of apprentice Ceara Stephenson.
Six of the families lived in small towns far from the capital of Fortaleza, suggesting that Zika virus was widespread in Ceara at that time.
En el estado de Ceara, la pobreza y la baja escolaridad tambien contribuyen en el aumento de la relevancia de la coinfeccion TB/VIH, aumento de reactivacion de infecciones latentes y problemas de adhesion al tratamiento, hubo una disminucion en el porcentaje de cura de 73,2% en 2004 a 59,2% en 2014, y la tasa de abandono de 12,7% en 2014 esta por encima de lo aceptable por la Organizacion Mundial de la Salud (OMS), que es de 5% (5-8).
In this context, this study applied the Mann-Kendall test to rainfall data from eight (8) macroregions of the Ceara State, aiming to determine climate trends in their series and indicate whether or not the rainfall has increased in these regions over time, simultaneously suggesting which pattern the future rainfall will follow.