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Noun1.Cebuano - language of the people of Cebu in the Philippines; its lexicon contributes to the official language of the Philippines
Philippine, Filipino - official language of the Philippines; based on Tagalog; draws its lexicon from other Philippine languages
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Meanwhile, IPC President Hajime Koso greeted everyone in Cebuano in his opening remarks that elicited applauses from all the attendees.
Aguirre earlier revealed that the Peter 'Jaguar' Lim, who is listed as one of the top drug lords in the country, was actually slain drug lord Jeffrey 'Jaguar' Diaz, not the prominent Cebuano businessman.
It's a romantic-comedy set in Cebu and in the Cebuano language featuring local talents of national renown as former "Star Power" contestant Akiko Solon and social media celebrity Rowell "Medyo Maldito" Ucat.
UNTIL the spokesman of President Rodrigo Duterte dismisses it as another of those jokes, we take the Chief Executive's announced decision for his native Cebuano to be the language used in Cabinet meetings to be final and official.
While Cebuano students will go through training in Japan, Japanese students will learn English language here.
Claiming assistance 10lb claimers Conor McGovern and Donnacha O'Brien offer a huge assistance to their mounts Cebuano and Waver.
BPI chairman Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala, said, 'As we celebrate out 160th year, we find it fitting to be here today to acknowledge Cebu's heritage, from defending our civilization to assimilating the best foreign practices and expressing ourselves in artistry that reaches out to the global community proudly carrying the name of the Filipino and Cebuano to the world.
BisRock was originally coined to refer to rock music written in Cebuano, the most widely spoken of the Visayan languages.
The foreign language guides have so far been prepared in 59 languages including Cebuano, Dinka, Ayisyen and Tigrinya.
Le sigue muy de cerca el cebuano y luego el ilocano, el hiligaynon, hablados cada uno por 10% de la poblacion, mas o menos, y el bicol y el waray hablados por 5%, respectivamente.
Vino enseguida una serie de proyectos, entre los cuales destacan: la organizacion de la traduccion de la Biblia a las lenguas de Filipinas y de Taiwan (1986); la preparacion de la Biblia Pastoral en ingles, Tagalo, Cebuano e Ilongo; y la publicacion de la Biblia Pastoral en chino (1990), un proyecto calificado como "imposible", pero que el E Hurault logra realizar gracias a su perseverancia
Many programs will be dubbed in Cebuano, the dialect spoken in Mindanao and in the south of the Philippines.