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prop. n.1.(Zool.) A genus of small dipterous files, including several very injurious species, as the Hessian fly. See Hessian fly.
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Cecidomyia lamellata Gagne, new species, is described from adults of both sexes, pupae, and larvae taken from resin in branchlet swellings of baldcypress, Taxodium distichum (L.
Se describe una nueva especie, Cecidomyia lamellata Gagne, de adultos de ambos sexos, pupas y larvas recolectados de la resina en ramas engrosadas de ciprEs, Taxodium distichum (L.
Cecidomyia is a mostly Holarctic genus of 18 previously known species that feed on resin of conifers (Gagn6 2004).
Papillae typical of supertribe Cecidomyiidi (Gagne 1989), all present and setose or not setose as in other Cecidomyia spp.
The chief distinguishing characters of Cecidomyia are as follows: Eyes are more or less confluent at vertex, their facets either hexagonal and closely juxtaposed, or circular and not touching.
Cecidomyia lamellata is a remarkable addition to Cecidomyia because of several anomalies.
Sequoiomyia is further distinguished from Cecidomyia lamellata by its fully connate eyes with all facets hexagonal and the presence of at least 2 complete rows of posterior setae on the abdominal terga.