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 (sĭ-sēl′yə), Saint Third century ad.
Christian martyr traditionally regarded as the patron saint of music.


(Biography) Saint. died ?230 ad, Roman martyr; patron saint of music. Feast day: Nov 22


(sɪˈsil yə)

Saint, died A.D. 230?, Roman martyr: patron saint of music.
References in classic literature ?
Cecilia is my dearest friend, but I don't allow her to take the lead in the room.
In the disposition of the beds, Miss de Sor was placed between Cecilia on the right hand, and Emily on the left.
With a grace all her own, Cecilia dived under the bed, and produced a basket of jam tarts, a basket of fruit and sweetmeats, a basket of sparkling lemonade, and a superb cake--all paid for by general subscriptions, and smuggled into the room by kind connivance of the servants.
Gentle Cecilia, sitting on the floor surrounded by good things, left it to the ingenuity of others to decide whether the baskets should be all emptied at once, or handed round
Cecilia, when you have done devouring those tarts with your eyes, take that pair of scissors
Miss de Sor, allow me to apologize for the mean manner in which this school is carried on; the knives and forks are counted and locked up every night)--I say take that pair of scissors, Cecilia, and carve the cake, and don't keep the largest bit for yourself.
You are not, Cecilia Jupe,' Thomas Gradgrind solemnly repeated,
Phil Green, 25, from Prescot, met his American wife Cecilia Romanotto, 24, while working at the Walt Disney World resort, in Florida, five years ago.
Atlas Copco, a leading provider of sustainable productivity solutions, has appointed Cecilia Sandberg as Senior Vice President Human Resources and member of Atlas Copcos Group Management.
Wessel's wife Cecilia told BBC News that he "wasn't worried at all.
In Cecilia (1982), Cuban director Humberto Solas turns to what he describes as a "historical" iteration of the melodramatic mode to adapt a well-known tale of incest and miscegenation--Cirilo Villaverde's Cecilia Valdes: novela de costumbres cubanas (1882)--to the screen.
Cecilia Alvear's 1989 Nieman classmate Michael Connor remembers her prodigious capacities